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An appeal is a proceeding in which a higher court reviews the actions taken by a trial court. Appeals are generally limited to a review of the record from the lower court, unless it is an appeal from a Virginia general district court to Virginia circuit court, in which case it is de novo (a new trial). The appellate court determines whether there were any errors of law sufficient to prevent a party from having a fair trial or whether there was sufficient evidence to support the lower court's ruling. Issues not raised at trial cannot be raised on appeal.   As a litigation firm, the attorneys at MBBTK have experience in handling all aspects of an appeal in both state and federal courts in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

McGavin, Boyce, Bardot, Thorsen, and Katz, P.C., handles civil and business litigation defense, insurance law and defense, government and municipal law, and workers' compensation, cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland, and in the District of Columbia and DUI/traffic defense cases in Virginia.


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