Photographs Can Prove a Case

January 27th, 2010
By: Amy A. Lombardo, Esquire

In a Fairfax General District Court case where the plaintiff was alleging injury as a result of being sideswiped in a grocery store parking lot while in a loading zone, Judge Cassidy found, based upon photographs presented at trial, that the plaintiff did not meet her burden of proof. The defendant had taken pictures of the position of the vehicles before they were moved and additional photographs of the accident scene were taken by defense counsel. According to the photographs, the position of the plaintiff’s vehicle indicated that she was either parked well out into the street, past the grocery store loading zone, or that she was moving into the defendant’s vehicle when the accident occurred. Judge Cassidy did not find it credible that the plaintiff’s vehicle moved out into the street as a result of the impact, as argued by the plaintiff. Amy Lombardo represented the prevailing defendant in this case.

It is very important in any car accident case to get photographs of the vehicle and if possible, at the scene.


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