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A valuable tool available to insurance companies in potential fraud and arson investigations is the Examination Under Oath. The right to conduct the Examination Under Oath is provided in many insurance policies, and required to be in Virginia standard fire policies, pursuant to Virginia Code § 38.2-2105. It allows an insurance company to request that its insureds submit to questioning by an attorney, and have the insureds produce documents which support their claims. We have conducted hundreds of Examinations Under Oath and have successfully used this tool in being able to validate questionable claims, and deny claims which may constitute fraud, or arson.

Our experience with Examinations Under Oath have covered such broad areas as inflated claims, misrepresentations made during the course of the claim, arson, and intentional wrongdoing by the insureds. The Examination Under Oath has allowed us to assist our insurance carrier clients to pay those claims which are legitimate, and deny claims which have potential fraud.

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